An unmissable festival

An artistic village bringing all the intensity of the Hip-Hop culture through the most beautiful spots of Geneva Lake.

100m2of dancefloor
more than 1600 spectators
in 3 days



days of
outdoor jam


days of





If you think about which way to go at the next summer, this place is in the list "need to be"! Geneva summer break is dope!


(Dynasty Rockers / For the Rock)
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The outdoor jam
an exchange between 4 disciplines


Cypher Masters
Bboy / BGirl
3vs3 Battles


Helvetic Rock Contest
Apache line


Rare Groove


Live painting
sur de plus de

Endurance, dynamism, intensity...
Be ready !
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Break & Hip Hop camp

One week of intense training to learn or improve your bases of Break and Hip Hop and better understand the various grooves and energies of the urban dances. For the Break it is Vega and the Funky Force Crew who take care of it. They will bring you a rich outfit of approach to the Break. For the hip-hop it is Ariane (Naria) who will make you bounce and pop..

It is one completely different week in the Valley of Joux, with bathing on the lake and walking in mountain which we propose you.

The camp is framed by a team of instructors and a person in charge awarded by a diploma in education.

Age: 10-14 years
Level: Novice/average
Number of places: 24 maximum

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Graff' Week

Find your pen name, draw your first sketches with the pencil and develop your letters through various styles of graffiti: Tag, Flop, Simple style and New York style. Put in color your project, add it diverse visual effects and realize your firsts graffitis with the spray on wall.

This initiatory route of one week with the urban artist YGREK1 will help you to understand the foundations of the stylistic search in the graffiti.

Age: 13-18 years
Level: novice/average
Number of places: 10 maximum

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In the mix

In the 70s, the discovery of the ability to create new sounds with turntable definitely marked the spirits and the practice of DJing.

Today, through this ultimate vintage object, come live one week of discovery of the practice of mixing music on vinyl discs in various musical style such as Hip Hop, Afrobeat, House, Funk, Jazz, Pop. The turntable is now seen as a modern musical instrument, which allows the DJ to arrange a music selection according to the event, but also to create sound effects and new transitions.

Age: 13-18ans
Beginner level
Number of places: 10 maximum

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Four consecutive days, more than 8 hours of class!

Ringo, born in 1963 in Brooklyn, is the second generation of Rock dancers. He grew up in places and atmospheres that made Hip Hop emerge from the New York ghettos. Mastering all the codes of Rocking and knowing the foundations of the Hip Hop culture, he has, in addition to a perfect technical transmission of the dance, a multitude of historical anecdotes to tell us to better make us grasp the context of emergence of this culture and the stakes of the time.

In our desire to develop dance knowledge in Geneva, Ringo, the godfather of the Summer Break, will once again benefit from all its expertise and international fame during the Festival in order to transmit to us the essence of Rocking in his mind and his codes

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Health & Wellness

Our vision of the Break does not end there. This discipline, which is very demanding in terms of effort, also requires considering the aspect of physical recovery and the musculo-articular pathologies that can develop there. Our new center of activity has the ambition to bring both preventive and curative elements for the health of dancers.

A team of physiotherapy students led by one of their teachers takes care of the free management of dancers through sports massage.

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Un échange artistique

Réunir les disciplines Hip-Hop, c'est partager entre artistes autour de passions communes: breakers, deejays, graffeurs, rockers, toute l'intensié de la culture Hip-Hop dans les plus beaux spots autour du lac Léman. Deux jours de jam avec des cercles, des battles, du graffiti live, une sélection musicale pointue et des invités internationaux talentueux.

Artistes invités

Juges b-boying
  • B-Girl Bo (ADHD)[NL]
  • Kuzya (Break Nuts Crew)[UKR]
  • Eldro (OSJ)[CH]
Juges rocking
  • Ringo & Mighty Mike (MMR)[NYC]
  • Mr Riddler (dj résident)[CH]
  • Dj Cleon[FR]
  • DJ Soul Koffi[CH]
  • Dj Blaster B[CH]
  • Defos (UFC)[CH]
  • Jazi (TZP/WELSCH)[CH]
  • Kid Kash (7$)[CH]
  • EDK Crew[CH]
  • Vega
  • Cap (Break The Funk)[IT]
  • Remi (TBB/RDK/MMR)[FR]
  • Zeninho (RDK)[FR]
  • Nene (MDK)[UK]
  • Raw Gina (Leeds The Way)[UK]
  • Loca (Soul Conaction)[CH]
  • Mighty Mella (TrueKoolPosse)[CH]
  • San Andrea (RDK)[FR]
  • Jacky (MMR)[TWN]
  • Kostek (Rock'n'Raw)[PL]
  • Mighty Mike (MMR)[NYC]

Samedi 14 juillet

Warm up
  • Mr Riddler aux platines
Graffiti [Exercice de style]
  • Une épreuve imposée et minutée avec Deofos & Jazi
Avec Mr Riddler & Soul Koffi
Sketch session
Table à dessin ouverte à tous, avec le BlackBook du festival!
Cypher Master [Nouvelle formulle renverse les codes!]
  • B-Boys & B-Girls
  • Qualifications + Finales
  • Inscription sur place
  • Dj Cleon aux platines
Open Floor [Set Afro Funk]
  • Mr Riddler & Dj Soul Koffi
Consultation physiothérapie

Exclusivement pour les danseurs/danseuses

Dimanche 15 juillet

Warm Up & Graffiti
  • Dj Blaster B aux platines
  • Le Crew EDK aux Sprays
Helvetic rock contest
  • Qualifications en Apache Line
  • Battles en 1 VS 1
  • Priorité aux membres de rocking crews !
  • Mr Riddler aux platines
Open floor [Set Hip-Hop 80'S]
  • Dj Blaster B & Mr Riddler aux platines
Consultation physiothérapie

Exclusivement pour les danseurs/danseuses

Definitely one of the most memorable jams of these last years!


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Logo association liaisons urbaines

As its name indicates it, the association Liaisons urbaines was established to develop links between the urban said disciplines and between the actors of the international urban scene.

More exactly anchored in the artistic disciplines of the Hip-Hop culture, our association aims at developing activities around these to bring to the foreground the positive, creative, educational and public-spirited aspects, in an objective of social cohesion. We explore for it any useful way, and from now on on 2012, it is Geneva Summer Break Festival which is the spearhead of our action by gathering the generations, the disciplines, the educational methods, the nations.


Recognized association of public utility

Liaisons Urbaines develops programs of access to urban art, citizen pedagogies adapted for young people and international artistic exchange programs.

Our actions

  • Establishment of a financial fund to help families in difficulty
  • Provisioning of specific artistic materia
  • Providing access to recognized local and international artists and educators
  • Offering a professional educational suppor


  • With a donation of CHF 25.- you give a child the necessary drawing material for a week of discovery.
  • With a donation of CHF 50.- you finance for a child a week of accommodation in a discovery camp.

Discover our activities in development on

give everyone an equal chance by contributing to artistic development and local citizenship

Bank details

Urban connections:
Migros Bank AG
8001 Zurich
In favor of:
IBAN : CH36 0840 1000 0567 5417 5
Liaisons Urbaines
25 Prévost Martin Street
1205 Geneva
Account: 80-533-6